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Key Finder

Find your keychain effortlessly

Scan & Beep

Did you misplace your keyset? Don't worry, use the Scan & Beep feature to find it, through sound and LED Light.

Last Seen Location

Do you want to know where your keys were last seen? Lapa takes care of you, as it automatically records its last know GPS location.

Out-of-range alerts

We'll spare you the trouble of the lost & found process. With the Safety Mode, Lapa alerts you if you're about to forget your keys.

Joanne Silver, Orlando, FL, USA

Lapa saved my night and, I'm sure, it'll save my life.

I'm literally the most clumsy people I know. My parents often tease me, as I tend to forget everything I own. Or, at the very least, I can't remember where I placed my belongings. I have lived by myself for four years now and, more than once, I've managed to lock myself out of the apartment, just so you understand when I say I'M CLUMSY.

As the good woman I am, I love to spend time at the mall. I love to shop and I love to go to the cinema, those are my two passions. So, one day, after I've watched some chick-flick movie on the late night session, I headed to the parking lot. You know the drill: it's kinda empty, there aren't many cars left at that witching hour, so I thought it'd be easy to find my pink Smart. I was wrong, completely deviously wrong. Long story short, after spending one hour up and down the 4 floors of the parking lot, there was no seeing of my girly girl car. My friends had already left, so I could only rely on my trickly mind. I can say I was desperate, I had an early meeting on the following day and I can't function if I sleep less than 7 hours.

My BFF had gifted me a LAPA on my birthday (she knows me too well) and I had attached it to my keychain. If only I had remembered sooner… Instead of spending one hour, I could have been in bed by then. Of course, after I scaned and beeped, there was my car, I found it within seconds. Bottom line? Lapa saved my night and, I'm sure, it'll save my life. Thank you so much, guys!