Agora com portes gratuitos.

Track your Wallet and Luggage

Find your Wallet and your Luggage effortlessly

Out-of-range alerts

The Safety Mode alerts you if you're about to forget your passport, so that you never miss a trip.

Last Seen Location

Do you want to know where your luggage was last seen? Lapa takes care of you, as it automatically records its last known GPS position.

Scan & Beep

Protect your wallet, use this feature to find it! You can check the distance to your misplaced or lost wallet, make it ring and light-up.

Aitana Salcedo, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain

I just know I'll never lose my bags ever again!

If you've ever landed in Madrid, you know that Barajas' Terminal 1 is an absolute disaster. I know I'm partially to blame, as I don't like to invest in my luggage. The thing is: I have this one big grey suitcase that looks exactly the same as everyone else's.

Anywho, after a 4 hour flight from Istambul, I was back home. I can't describe how much I wanted to get to my apartment as soon as possible: I couldn't feel my feet, my head hurt and I was exhausted. That's when the part about the Terminal 1 gets into play. I waited and waited for my bag and nothing arrived. There was only one suitcase left and it wasn't mine. I was startled, everything I needed was inside it – my laptop, my camera, my jewelery…

But suddenly, the aforementioned suitcase started beeping and shortly after I noticed this busy looking guy heading towards me. I was confused, but he promptly explained that there had been a mix-up and that he had taken my suitcase by mistake. That one beeping was his. I asked him what it was and he told me it was a Lapa keyfinder.

After that, I headed home and searched the meaning of that. Now, I am a proud owner of 3 Lapas and I just know I'll never lose my bags ever again!