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Presenting Lapa

Lapa is a Bluetooth Tracking Device that you can attach to your personal belongings. It allows you to find everything that matters within seconds, by simply clicking your Smartphone. Do you often forget your keys? Do you leave your luggage or your wallet behind? Are you constantly losing your phone? Lapa solves all of those problems!

In addition, you can even keep your pets and kids safe with it. Lapa is a vital tool to prevent unpleasant situations and it reassures you, as you’ll always be up to date about your pet or your kid’s whereabouts.

Therefore, by using the Lapa device, you’ll be able to find everything that matters within seconds. This device also prevents the loss of an object, through its unique feature, the Safety Mode. In fact, Lapa is the only water-resistant Bluetooth tracker with replaceable battery.

Lapa was created by Lapa Studio, a Software and Hardware Start-up based in Porto, Portugal. Since its foundation, the worldwide renowned company has been transforming the way people search and protect all the thing they can't live without.

The company was founded in 2013 to address a basic need, the necessity to provide security. While looking for ‘lost’ items, two researchers — coming out of multidisciplinary areas such as Robotics or Electronics — realized they could offer a solution to a global problem, losing things.

Consequently, the duo came up with an idea aiming to improve people’s lives. It is a fact that society loses important objects on a daily basis. According to a study from Ernst & Young, the average citizen spends over 10 minutes per day looking for lost objects. Thus, a solution that combined new mobile technologies and a social network was found. The goal was simple, to prevent people from losing their most cherished belongings.

Intending to dive into the project, the two cofounders — João Lobato Oliveira and Luís Certo —, invested $2K. In 2014, they launched the biggest crowdfunding campaign to date in Portugal ($100K) and in the very same year, the first version of the Lapa product was released.

In 2015, following a new crowdfunding campaign ($400K) and a seed round, Lapa 2 — the second version of the product — was released.

As of right now, Lapa is present in up to 80 countries and it has over 100K users. In less than 3 years, the company has earned more than 1M euros, sold over 130K Lapas and it is growing in a 3X rate per year. The company has expanded, being now comprised of 10 specialists in distinct areas such as R&D, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Design and Communications. Having already worked with clients such as Sony, Cisco or Mercedes, Lapa is currently focused on finding disruptive, new B2B and private labelling solutions to the industry sector.

Losing what matters is no longer a problem, it’s simply past tense.

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